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2nd July 2022 

About EFT

I am one of a small group of EFT Therapists currently trained to certification level in the UK.

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) for couples, as developed by Dr Sue Johnson, works to help couples who feel stuck in destructive, repetitive negative cycles of interaction by changing these patterns and strengthening the emotional connection between partners.

When the sense of safety and security in your relationship increases, many couples have reported that depression dissipates, anxiety is reduced, comfort replaces loneliness and engagement eliminates isolation. Your ability to solve problems together and communicate as a couple increases dramatically.

This therapy model has been validated by over 20 years of empirical research. There are also extensive data on the change processes and predictors of success, and it has been shown that around 70-75% of couples move from distress to recovery, and around 90% experience an improvement undergoing treatment with EFT.

Emotionally Focused Therapy focuses on the emotional connection between the two of you, because there is a wealth of research that says that if partners know how to reach out to, and comfort one another when things are difficult, their relationship will be more secure, satisfying and long lasting.

EFT is based on the assumption that If you love each other, you can also really effect and upset your partner as well. This therapy has been developed to help you to have the positive impact you want, and get the responsiveness you need, from your partner.

Other approaches might emphasize the teaching of communication skills, or how to negotiate more effectively with each other. With EFT the focus will be on your emotional connection, because EFT practitioner experience, backed by many years of research in couple therapy, shows that if you can help each other create safety and connection between you, it will then become much easier to talk to each other when you feel hurt, upset or anxious. This deeply felt sense of security will help you to listen to, and hear one another clearly, which in turn will allow you to find new ways of solving problems together.